Iran Backs up Syria, the Real Reason Behind the Alliance

Syrian uprise

Shiite clerics’ execution in Saudi Arabia and the Riyadh’s embassy burning in Iran has yet again caused Sunni- sheik chaos and the small Arab sheikdoms in a state of turmoil, rulers from Yemen to Lebanon are troubled by Iran machination in countries in the Arab area. However, it is Tehran’s influence in Syria that causes them to fear Tehran has strengthened its client countries by placing senior military officers, applying pressure to their Lebanese client Hezbollah to deliver soldiers, giving a very long overdue petroleum products and expanding Syria a ridiculously large amount of credit. Without the help of Iran, the regime would have slowly deteriorated and died. Without the help of the Tehran who have stood by Syria for a very long time, perhaps due to their shared religious roots. There are more info you can get just view this site.

Both leading rulers claim compatibility with the heterodox Shia, the less fortunate minority in the Islamic world run by orthodox Sunnis but Iran- Syrian tactics’ are created from sacred bonds from geopolitical structures covered by powerful western nations. Iran as a country needs all the help and allies it can get to protect its regional interests. Very few things bind the Iranian Shia, also known as Twelvers, Alawi Shia who is the leader of and the founder of the ninth Alawi sect which was a follower of the eleventh of the twelve’ religious figures.He encouraged doctrines that were associated with Twelverism and announced that an agnostic by a Middleville twelve scholars. All of your questions about Iran is Syria will be answered when you click here.

In the year 1960, Alawis soldiers took hold of Syria. They did not create a relationship with Iran. Therefore it was the Iran-Iraq war that was a starting point for a new pathway.Tehran was an international outcast that was denied by the west and was scared of the Soviet communism. It was hungry and in dire need of allies. The president of Syria hated his Iraqi counterpart and thought that war would be the ideal choice for weakening him, but even the rivals could not overcome the deep void separating them. Learn more details about Iran is Syria at

Economic bonds between the two states were never sturdy. In the year 2007, the Iranian-Syrian trade had only come close to one – third of Washington states commercial exchanges within Damascus, another place in which the two cooperated was in tourism. The Iranians made about 20% of all tourists in Syria most of them being pilgrims coming to visit the Shiite religious shrine that has no value to Alawis.


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